Pipes of this style were used about 2,000 years before present by the Hopewell culture in the Ohio River Valley. This fine piece of Minnesota Catlinite, the traditional sacred pipestone of Native Americans. I purchased this rock directly from a Native American miner who quarried it at the Pipestone National Monument.


Small enough to wear like jewelry! This pipe is not a toy, it's a perfectly serviceable smoking implement. I've mined the pages of history for these time tested, perfected designs, which have been brought back to life here..

Hopewell Tall Stack Monitor Pipe Minnesota Catlinite

6 inches long    

2 inches wide

4 inches high

Miniature Disc Pipe Necklace

I'm not Native American, and this pipe is not Native American, but I am an archaeology buff, and my designs are based on ancient examples found in controlled archaeological digs.

Banded Slate Fantail Pop Eyed Birdstone

Measures 3 1/2 inches long, by 3/4 of an inch wide, by 1 inch high.

Birdstones were made in a great variety of poses and styles, but follow certain rules of proportion and style that I've learned through studying many examples. 

When I carve a birdstone, I'm not copying a particular example exactly, I'm carving my own interpretation, just like the ancients! 

It's amazing to me how much information can be communicated with just a few strategically placed curves.

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William Bauer

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