Below: It's a Snyders point, carefully flaked into a scraper, and undoubtedly meant to be mounted on a short handle. Material is high quality Burlington Chert.

Above: Calf Creek arrowhead that shows an impact fracture from use as a spear point!!!


Feb. 28th, 2018

Hunting Report by Willy B.

 Lots of rain over the entire nation, with flooding in Ohio being most pronounced. The south half of Missouri was drenched with about 6 inches of rain in the last week! I've managed to hunt four days this week, and all the rain is PRODUCING POINTS!!!

First we hunted the river as it was rising. Rain washes exposed banks, but there's only a limited window of opportunity to get in there before the water rises and covers the bank up. After 2 days of rain, the rivers are swollen, but we can hunt small creeks up high in the drainage. These small creeks have been turned over by runoff water, and this is the best time to hunt them.

Once the flood water recedes and the rivers come back down, we'll hunt the same spots AGAIN!!! It's certainly a great feeling to have over 140 hunting spots to choose from when it rains over the area...

I've been hunting since 2006, that's 12 years of searching the countryside.  Check the photos below to see what's turned up in the last week or two!!!!!


Feb. 28th 2018 UPDATE 

ABOVE: This is a piece of red pipestone from Minnesota found near the Missouri/Arkansas border after recent floods.  This cylinder is a drill core produced while drilling pipe stems. A hollow river cane is rotated in quartz sand and water slurry to drill the hole. A cylindrical column is produced from drilling, and then snapped off when complete, leaving the draw hole in place. This piece of red pipestone is proof that raw material was traded over long distances, and that pipes were then carved by local artists. AWESOME FIND!!!!

Above: Pitkin Chert Dalton Classic point found in Polk County Missouri in May 2017.


Recent Finds 

Hunting Updates

Slideshows below from previous updates!

Results from a single gravel bar on a river near St. Louis, MO! WOW>big one is a Mehlville point, looks like Jefferson City chert.

 Personal Finds Polk County, Missouri