Catlinite Trail Pipe with River Cane Stem
 MICMAC Style Pipe
Pipes are very important in Native culture, smoking a pipe is an indication of your intentions. Taking up the pipe with a group of people was the modern equivalent of signing a contract.
Most Micmac examples are pierced with holes through the handle. It is speculated that these pipe bowls were suspended from some sort of leather lace...

After much consideration, I came up with this design, which attaches both the pipe and a short river cane stem to a leather loop. This way, you can wear your pipe comfortably. When you want to smoke, remove the leather loop, and insert the stem.
I'm not sure if this is how the ancient Natives wore their pipes, but it's possible, no one knows for sure...I cut this loop from one piece of green leather, it's 32 inches long.

I carved the stem from a piece of river cane, it's very strong and seals air tight. This is what the Natives were smoking in ancient times, it's a lot of pipe in a small, lightweight package!
Overall length of pipe with stem inserted is 9 3/8 inches.
Stone pipe dimensions:

Length                1 7/8 of an inch
Width                  3/4 of an inch
Height                 2 1/2 inches
Bowl diameter is 9/16 of an inch, and it's about an inch deep. Capacity is about 1/2 of a cigarette worth of tobacco.

This red rock comes from the Pipestone National Monument Quarry in Minnesota. I purchased this rock directly from a Native American miner. This pipe is unsmoked, unblessed, carved with good intentions and great respect for Native American cultures.


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Original Stone Carvings by William Bauer