Micmac Pipe with Cedar Stem  

This is my first attempt at a Micmac pipe. The bowl is shaped like a vase, constricted at the top and bottom. There is some speculation that the holes in the scalloped bottom were used to hang feathers...but no one knows for sure. I discovered that the pipe looks really awesome if you stick feathers directly into the holes, 2 feathers out each side!!! Like I said, no one knows for sure.

Measures 3 1/2 inches long, 4 3/8 inches high, and 1 inch thick.

Total length with stem inserted is 13 13/16 inches.

I carved this cedar pipe stem from our premium red heart Eastern White Cedar harvested right here in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri. Super grain in this piece of wood.

"The Mi'Kmaq (Mic Mac) Indians inhabited a region stretching from the northern coast of Maine to Nova Scotia and Prince Albert Island. During a period of roughly 100 years (1700-1820) the northeastern colonial provinces (New England and the Canadian Maritimes)"

"Specimens of Mic-Mac style pipes have been found as far south as Georgia and from the Atlantic Ocean to the Rocky Mountains. The style exemplified by this Mic-Mac pipe is a form that probably evolved shortly before the Contact Period and probably dates to the early 1700s."

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