Catlinite Disk Pipe with River Cane Stem
This is an Oneota culture style pipe, based on disc pipes found in Missouri and Arkansas. Although I am not Native American, and this pipe is not Native American, I'm an archaeology buff, and I study ancient cultures and read many archaeological reports. It's the pipes recovered in controlled archaeological digs that I base my designs on...

I carved the stem from a piece of river cane, it's very strong and seals air tight. This is what the Natives local to Missouri/Arkansas were smoking in ancient times.

This is a piece of history, remade by me, for your collection... Better yet, smoke some tobacco in it, and let the past come alive!
Overall length of pipe with stem inserted is 9 inches.
Stone pipe dimensions:

Length                2 1/16 inches
Disc Diameter    1 1/2 inches
Height                15/16 of an inch

Disc pipes of this style were made and used for a 300 year period between 1300 and 1700 years before present. The disc shape is thought to represent the sun, but also provides the practical service of protecting your hand from the burning twig you were using to light your tobacco. I carved this design aft er studying museum pieces, the bowl is narrow, but nearly an inch deep. 

I carved this small disc pipe from a nice piece of Minnesota Catlinite. This red rock comes from the Pipestone National Monument Quarry in Minnesota. I purchased this rock directly from a Native American miner. This pipe is unsmoked, unblessed, carved with good intentions, and great respect for Native American cultures.
This pipe is a great display piece, but it's also a perfectly serviceable smoking implement, it's functional art. #willybeeoriginals

I've pierced this pipe near the prow, and mounted it on a leather lace.

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